Money History

Learn About The Money History Of The Financial World.

Money! Has a sweet ringing sound to it, doesn’t it? And looks good too! Who would not be interested in making money? In the present competitive world, everyone is trying their level best to outdo another, so that they can get to the top before someone else does; and stay there. Whoever said money cannot buy happiness probably was not thinking clearly. This cliché no longer applies to anyone living in this fiercely competitive world. Money is your one and only savior that can save your soul and happiness in this materialistic world. You might think that I have sold my soul to the devil called money (read: greed). But let me ask you some practical questions, do you not require money to fulfill your basic human needs of food, shelter and water? Is money not the means by which you can provide security and happiness to your family and loved ones by providing them with any materialistic objects? If you deny these facts then you are deluding yourself into believing and living in a false and utopian world. Money is not just a necessity for your survival; it is also the only thing that makes your life worth living. Everyone one in this world, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race or religion needs to make money for him/her self to live. In order to make money effectively you ought to be knowledgeable about the money history of the world.

Studying money history

The history of money is a very intriguing as well as an extremely interesting one. There is no hard proof of exactly where and at which time money was introduced into society. Various historians give different views as to the origin of money. Studying money history can be very deceptive. But it is widely believed that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were the first ones to introduce money in the form of primitive coins, which is money as we know and use in this generation. But the Babylonians are the ones who are accredited with the introduction of money in the form of currency notes. These different theories on the origin of money prove that money did not have a single, definite origin; rather it was independently developed in all the different parts of the world at various times in life. All the various discoveries about the origin of money have contributed in shaping the money history of the world.

Solving financial problems

One of the very interesting and ironic detail of the origin and the money history is that various archeological and anthropological studies have shown that economic factor were not the most important causal factors in the origin of money. In fact the functions of money have varied from different parts of the world at different time frames. This stresses the importance of studying the money history. Studying the various patterns of the origin and functions of money can help (especially economists) in solving financial problems in a more effective way.