Quotes History

Quotes History Is A Powerful Reference

Quotes history is a very deceptive term. It actually refers to a very powerful tool in the hand of a seasoned stockbroker and investor. Quotes refer to the price quoted for that particular stock on a day-to-day basis. The history tracks the rise or fall of the quotes and functions as an indicator as to how the stock will perform in the stock market. Quotes history gives a full picture of the stock’s growth or decline based on the quotes made on it every day.

The quotes history

Investors can actually keep track of their stock or their entire investment portfolio by getting the quote history from a reliable source. These sources include financial pamphlets and of course from the Internet. Both the real time and the quotes history can be updated on a daily or weekly basis. These quote history charts would show the open, close and track the highs and lows of the stock being viewed. When the comparison charts are up for viewing, it becomes a relatively easy task to monitor the graph path taken over a particular period. Quotes history can help track different investments simultaneously.

On the internet, there are pre-configured servers that give the quote history and other details from all the leading stock markets from London, New York, Paris etc with currency exchange rates mentioned. This data is easily exported into text format or to an Excel sheet. This data includes Stock quotes, Mutual funds, NASDAQ, portfolios etc. There is particular software available like ESQuotes, which is excellent for tracking quote history. It comes with Microsoft Excel workbook and has a dynamic link library for stocks and mutual funds. With this, stock quotes and the quote history are retrieved directly from the Internet without any downloads.ESQuotes keeps the information up to date regarding stock market price, change, volume and measures the volatility of the market accurately.

Stock market online

There are several other such tools that allow access to the quote history. Another such tool is CharTTool, which is a highly sophisticated stock market internet browser that shows several technical charts or indices, intraday and end of day stock charting. Stock Quotes pro is another such internet based quotes history tool that gives daily downloads of stocks and mutual funds. It produces the quotes history in a customizable ASCII format. There are several such tools available which are all guideline for and give an accurate projection of the daily ups and downs of the stock market.

Quote history is an important tool for a person analyzing the stock market on a long-term basis. The observations can be tracked and accurately interpreted and are of great use. Quote history is a ready reference to the performance of a stock and is of invaluable help to anyone interested in stocks and shares. It has tremendous value among people in the stock market and serves as a baseline indicator for stock movement.